Cisco UCS Download Jun24

Cisco UCS Download

Spotted on Cisco’s UCS download page

Cisco UCS Custom ISO Jun07

Cisco UCS Custom ISO

Spotted on Cisco UCS customised ESXi 6.0 ISO...

Cisco ACI May25

Cisco ACI


Bad Microsoft Word! May11

Bad Microsoft Word!


Ravello Apr22


There are many references of VMWare on the website, just one...

Lumension and VMware View Mar17

Lumension and VMware...

Screenshot taken from this...

Internal documentation Mar12

Internal documentati...

On the to-do list…

Redpill Linpro Mar03

Redpill Linpro

Taken from the Redpill Linpro website,...

VMware on Google Maps Jan19

VMware on Google Map...

PuppetLabs website Dec04

PuppetLabs website

Canopy Cloud Nov23

Canopy Cloud

LinkedIn sent through one of their “we recommend” e-mails for roles at Canopy...

Acronis Tweet Oct26

Acronis Tweet

Sponsored tweet I spotted in my twitter...

Xtravirt news item Oct23

Xtravirt news item

The latest news item on the...

HP SRA Install Oct20

HP SRA Install

During a recent installation I noticed...

Veeam advertisement Oct10

Veeam advertisement

Spotted this on the...

Stackato Micro Cloud Sep10

Stackato Micro Cloud

Screenshot taken from this URL, Even more interesting as it has VMware and vSphere as separate options! I think that should read VMware Workstation / Fusion and ESXi...

Cisco UCS Manager Aug05

Cisco UCS Manager

From the Cisco UCS...

Atlantis Computing Jun04

Atlantis Computing

Found on the Atlantis website.

Bad Dell Bad! May29

Bad Dell Bad!

Nice drop down menu…

LANDESK, where do I start? May14

LANDESK, where do I ...

One of the worst amount of VMware spelling I’ve ever seen… Taken from this URL 

Hitachi Job Advert Apr29

Hitachi Job Advert

Hitachi sending me jobs with VMware spelt wrong.

Storage Awards Apr25

Storage Awards

While casting my vote I found the all too common spelling…

Upper and lowercase Apr23

Upper and lowercase

Stumbled upon this ‘traditional’ typo today. What struck me as odd was most of the other references on this page were...

Dell SRM Paper Apr01

Dell SRM Paper

I stumbled upon this common typo today from this URL.

KB Article 2051271 Mar31

KB Article 2051271

VMware’s own KB articles even slip through the ‘spell checker’ net…

CommVault Books Online Mar30

CommVault Books Onli...

Stumbled on this.

VMTurbo e-mail Feb11

VMTurbo e-mail

This e-mail arrived to my Inbox…

Lenovo RDS530 supports VMWare Feb05

Lenovo RDS530 suppor...

Directly from the Lenovo website.

Anynines at CloudCamp Jan24

Anynines at CloudCam...

I spotted this and couldn’t resist.

Symantec UI Jan10

Symantec UI

In the Symantec NetBackup administration console.