Hygiene Data Jan03

Hygiene Data

This mailing list e-mail arrived in my Inbox this...

VMware ESXi v6 Dec27

VMware ESXi v6

Found this on a Dell driver download page. VMWare and many versions, even new ones too…

Unitrends WebEx Dec19

Unitrends WebEx

During a recent WebEx the product summary opening slides presented this.

Unitrends UI Dec19

Unitrends UI

During a WebEx demonstration I spotted this.

Citrix Documentation Sep19

Citrix Documentation

Buried in some Citrix XenDesktop documentation.

Unitrends software Aug01

Unitrends software

Unitrends offered a free t-shirt to new users who sign up to trial their software.

HP Sizing tool May29

HP Sizing tool

HP Announce their virtual machine sizing tool for MS Hyper-V and VMware vSphere v5.x, this article on the Windows IT Pro explains.

Citrix support Mar06

Citrix support

On the Citrix support website.

UCS Documentation Feb25

UCS Documentation

Reviewing some UCS information for a current project I stumbled upon this.

Techies Help Website Jul18

Techies Help Website


Emulex EXSi Jul16

Emulex EXSi

This time it’s not the spelling of VMware but the Hypervisor. Thank you to Emulex for this little gem.

Dell UI Jun14

Dell UI

This one was spotted by Duncan Epping and Tweeted out earlier today.

PowerPoint Slide Feb01

PowerPoint Slide

Below is a genuine excerpt from a PPT I received last week from a global (clue – 3 letters) computing giant. I have no idea who Critric are and quite what xSphere 5 is but it sounds great.