PACKT Publishing

Just found this one,...

New Federal CIO Anno...

Taken from this...

Forbes Article

Saw this on my Twitter feed.

BBC News

Even on the BBC News…

Amazon – VSAN ...

Spotted this on...

Amazon book title

On the Amazon website here.  

Headline on The Regi...

Oops. Some spell checking required over at The...

EMC owns who?!

EMC Nederland posted this on slideshare....


Unsure of the spelling? Well here’s both in action in the same article.

WMware Fusion

This was one I came across today. Vagrant Up Razor-Server       The post itself is very informative and a great way to try out the new razor

WMware diagram

Saw this today.

VMware Book

Previously uploaded to this site by @mpoore but there’s no harm in showing this again.

ISV News

from an ISV news website, the URL .

My WMware Book

Not sure how this passed final proofing.

The Register

The Register website posted this article with a mixture of upper and lowercase. The URL is here:


The ModMyi website caught my attention, the entire article uses uppercase ‘W’. Original article

Amazon Book

I stumbled upon these spellings on the Amazon website when ordering Duncan and Frank’s book for an up and coming VMUG in London (July 2012). Interesting to see the hyperlink above is correct but the description is way off.