Keynote #CLUS Jun09

Keynote #CLUS


ECO Seminar May19

ECO Seminar


VMworld Tweet Board Oct17

VMworld Tweet Board

A user Tweets of their...

VMworld Slide

Spotted this on a...

VMworld Session

Interesting annotation here.  vMWare...

VMworld vCloud Air P...

Taken from one of the presentation screens. vCloud Air...

VMworld Presenter Sl...

The opening slide for this...

Hotel BBQ Jul25

Hotel BBQ

Oh come on hotel…

VMware Day May16

VMware Day

Discovered this photo taken at an event, then Tweeted.

VMware PEX Tweet Feb12

VMware PEX Tweet

On the Twitter stream this week from the PEX sessions. How about this gem right from the very owners of the name. Eek!

VMware UK at #CLEUR Jan29

VMware UK at #CLEUR

VMware UK tweeted about a session at...

WM wordl 2013 Jan26

WM wordl 2013

I found my favourite typo last year at the bus from the metro to the VMworld venue.

VMworld Schedule Builder Aug16

VMworld Schedule Bui...

I stumbled upon these while compiling my...

VMworld Schedule Builder Aug15

VMworld Schedule Bui...

These were discovered while browsing the 2013 VMworld (US) Schedule...

Wiki article Jul31

Wiki article

This one I stumbled upon in a Wiki article.

CRN Awards Jun05

CRN Awards

On the CRN website, WMware.

HOL Stack Oct09

HOL Stack

VMware’s Hands On Lab stack explained…

vCloud Director Aug30

vCloud Director

Spotted in a VMworld 2012 Session I attended.

VMworld TV Aug29

VMworld TV

Catching up on VMworld news I spotted this on VMware’s own TV Channel.

VMworld 2012 Agenda Aug29

VMworld 2012 Agenda

Attending the VMworld conference in the US this year I saw this in the theatre.

VMworld Session Agenda Aug28

VMworld Session Agen...

Session agenda…

LonVMUG vBeers Jan29

LonVMUG vBeers

Following a fun packed day at the London VMware User Group Meeting we all head off for a vBeer. We arrive to find the local pub has cordoned off an area for us…

Menu Jan01


Found via Twitter early in 2011 although I don’t recall who on Twitter I picked this up from.

London VMUG vBeers Jan01

London VMUG vBeers

At one of our vBeer events following a VMUG session.